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Teens reflect on the role arts & culture play in daily life

It’s common knowledge that music is important to teenagers, but why is that so? Thirty-six drama students at BHS shine a light on why music, and other forms of art, are a must-have in teenage life! The audio features produced by students explore art from an angle that is important to them: From photography to music, culinary to dance, psychological impact, history, and more!

Students wrote an audio script, learned voice techniques for best recording, used field recording equipment to capture interviews, and explored editing software as part of WSKG’s youth media program. A special field trip to WSKG Studios gave students hands-on experience in journalism during Media Boot Camp. They did a fantastic job!


Listen to students’ stories

Five student features originally aired on WSKG Radio between January 27 and January 31, 2013. Listen to all students’ features on Soundcloud.

For the Sake of Art: Gaming
Stephen, grade 10, is a member of many Binghamton High School performance groups and an avid gamer. Stephen wishes to pursue either video game writing or games journalism as a career. In his piece, he explores the argument surrounding whether or not video game design should be considered art.


The Inside Scoop on the Effects of Rap Music
Jah-neece, grade 10, has been interested in music her whole life. She explores whether or not the content in rap music has a positive or negative affect on teenagers. Jah-neece hopes to discover answers to this very debatable question.


Food in the Media: Is what you see what you get?
Kaitlin T, grade 12, has always been interested in the fact that the media can easily alter and manipulate objects and people to be not quite what they seem. In this piece, she discusses how food is changed in commercials and ads to seem more appealing. Kaitlin questions whether or not food should be changed or if the companies should just be honest about the appearance.


Music Through the Years
Ruth, grade 9, reports on the importance of music and the role it plays in society. In her piece, Ruth explores different generations and their take on music. She shows how music has changed over the years and investigates why music has changed.


Open School Lunch – Positive or Negative?
Hannah has always been interested in food. In this piece, she explains the positive and negative aspects of lunch at her school, especially the option to leave the building. Hannah feels that lunch is one of the most important times of the school day.


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