First Generation Edition | 2012


June – December 2012

This first group of student reporters exceeded our expections!

Students from Broome and Tompkins counties tackled a variety of topics that were important to them, including vandalism, public safety, sexuality, rising college costs, and domestic violence.  The great diversity in topics is representative of each students’ individuality and the value behind their perspectives.


Student Reporters:

The College Cost of Pizza

Grade 12
Endicott, NY
Favorite Superhero: Spawn
Favorite Food: Pizza
Reporter Profile: “On the Move” Izzy-z talks about his childhood experiences moving around the country.


Lia Scott
Domestic Violence in Teenage Lives

Grade 10
Endicott, NY
Evertech High School
Favorite Activity:  Singing
Reporter Profile: “Stay Strong” Lia Scott speaks about her experiences being bullied and its lasting impact.


Ithaca Gorges: To Jump or Not to Jump

Grade 11
Ithaca, NY
Favorite Car: Bugatti Veyron Turbo
Favorite Activity: Snowboarding
Reporter Profile: “The Drive” JMAXX35 shares his thoughts from a near-death experience.


Vandalizing the Graffiti Art

Grade 9
Ithaca, NY
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Sneaker: Can’t decide- There are so many!
Reporter Profile: “Trading” P@C M@N shares a lesson he learned as a middle school student.


Sexuality & Social Media

Grade 12
Endicott, NY
Favorite Activity: Skating
Favorite Music: Hip-Hop
Reporter Profile: “My Friends” QIx5 shares how supportive friends help him to face challenges and succeed.



Grade 12
Ithaca, NY
New Roots Charter School
Favorite Food: Beef Patty
Favorite Activity:  Hanging out with friends
Reporter Profile: “They Ran Faster”  Mike&Ike shares a personal story of encountering racism as a young child.



Recognition of Excellence to Lia Scott for her commitment and outstanding work in the Youth Voice program!

Lia Scott’s first audio story caught national attention and is now featured on PBS Newshour Extra!  Congrats, Lia!


Community Conversation: Youth Voice Special
One-Hour Special on WSKG Radio

WSKG Radio listeners heard directly from four student reporters.

Following each story, WSKG’s Crystal Sarakas interviewed each student to find out what inspired these teens to produce their story and what they learned along the way — About themselves and about our community.