Ithaca High School | February 2013


Teens reflect on how national issues affect their lives

Some might say that teenagers only care about what’s happening in their own lives, but twelve students at IHS prove they have important thoughts and opinions on current public affairs issues. Each student chose an issue of personal interest, ranging from violence in video games to saving for retirement, increasing college tuition costs, and more!

Students wrote an audio script, learned voice techniques for best recording, used field recording equipment to capture interviews, and explored editing software as part of WSKG’s youth media program. A special field trip to WSKG Studios gave students hands-on experience in journalism during Media Boot Camp. They did a fantastic job!

Listen to students’ public affairs stories

Five student features originally aired on WSKG Radio between February 3 and February 7, 2013. Listen to all students’ features on Soundcloud.

Dreams of Retirement
By Molly L.

Molly is a graduating senior from Ithaca, NY. Her grandparents are retired, her parents *might* be able to retire, and she has dreams of pina coladas in retirement at age 50. Is high school too early to start planning to make this dream your reality?

Space Exploration: Developments from Cornell University
By Joseph L

Joseph lives with an astronomer. His dad’s career sparked his interest in space exploration, but he has more questions about what’s out there. Joseph interviews researchers, scientists, and the director at the Center for Radio Physics & Space Science Research Center at Cornell University. What awesome first-hand accounts on current space programs in the US!


Marijuana: To Tax or Not To Tax

Ploy C., a senior from Ithaca, NY, explores the effects of a high tax on marijuana in states that have legalized it. Will it push people back to the black market or boost our education system?

The Competitive World of Film
By Oliver W

Oliver from Ithaca, NY has many peers whose future goals include success in the entertainment industry, specifically film. He had the chance to interview producer Tom Horn about the competitive nature and what success in modern film looks like.

Aches & Pains of Student Athletes
By Mike G

Mike is a student athlete at Ithaca High School. In his school, students have the opportunity to work with a strength and conditioning coach. Hear the coach’s advice for sore athletes!


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