Zero the Hero


How do you talk about the number zero with your pre-schooler?

Faster than a speeding bullet, amounting to nothing… iiiitttt’sss Zero the Hero!!! When learning to count, you must never forget about zero. He is a very important number.

How many blocks do you see? Nothing is here! There are zero blocks.

How many blocks do you see now? One! We see one block. Let’s keep counting! Two blocks! Three blocks! Four blocks! Five blocks!

Help your child visualize numbers zero thru five with real-life objects. Five, four, three, two, one… ZERO!

Zero represents a count of no objects. Zero the Hero is a great friend!

Pre-Kindergarten Common Core  Standards

Counting & Cardinality: Know number names and the count sequence

(PK.CC.2) Represent a number of objects with a written numeral 0 – 5 (with 0 representing a count of no objects).