Elmira College


Elmira College was originally founded as a women’s college in 1855. Located in the heart of Elmira, NY, the college initially enrolled nearly 1200 students, and was one of the first institutions in the world to grant baccalaureate degrees to women equal to those of men.

The school has been coeducational since 1969, but the student body has remained relatively the same size it was in 1855. The college also had a deep connection with noted American humorist and author Samuel Clemens, and today houses the Center for Mark Twain Studies.

Throughout its history, a number of unexplained events have been reported on campus. Students at Elmira College have a long history of passing down stories of the paranormal encounters. One of these stories involves a former student who still haunts the halls of her former dorm.

Historical photo of Elmira College

A historical photo of Elmira College



In this web exclusive clip, Professor Tucker, a Folklorist at Binghamton University, shares her thoughts about the history of ghosts appearing in mirrors and discusses “Bloody Mary” folklore.


In this clip, Professor Tucker shares a story about some of her students using a Ouija board and getting an unwanted surprise.