Explore the Invisible Forces that Control Our Behavior in Season 4 of Invisibilia


How can two people look at something and see something completely different? Invisibilia explores the question “How real is reality?” in a curated series of re-broadcasted episodes starting Saturday, February 10 at noon on WSQX.

Take a listen to “Reality”

But wait, there’s more: listeners can continue exploring the invisible forces that control human behavior in a new season starting March 10 at noon on WSQX.

The first new episode is called “Breaking The Pattern.”

Here’s the summary:

A panel of judges sits to decide the fate of the young woman. She’s the child of addicts and an ex-addict and ex-felon herself, and she’s asking the court to trust her to become an attorney. The outcome of her case hinges on a question we all struggle with: are we destined to repeat our patterns, or can we stray in surprising directions? It’s a question that’s increasingly relevant in an age when algorithms are trying to predict everything about our behavior.

You can browse the entire library of Invisibilia episodes here (or wherever you get your podcasts).