Expressions looks at an American original, the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer


Expressions shines a spotlight on the Appalachian mountain dulcimer in this month’s premiere episode. It’s one of only two original American instruments along with the banjo. Our guide is luthier Bernd Krause, who has built more than 250 dulcimers over the past 40 years. Find out who inspired his very first dulcimer and visit the shop where he still crafts these wondrous instruments.

Bernd Krause at His Dulcimer Workshop

Beth Fallon Plays The Dulcimer at ArtFarm Gift Shop, Chenango Bridge






We also hear dulcimer performances from both Bernd and Beth Fallon, recorded at the ArtFarm Studio and Gift Shop in Chenango Bridge. The scenic autumn day provided a perfect backdrop for these timeless tunes.

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