Finger Lakes Farms Offer A Variety Of Public Tours This Weekend


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – Residents and visitors to the Finger Lakes have the opportunity this weekend to visit working farms.

Celia Clarke/WSKG

Lisa Ferguson feeding some of her herd of angora and cashmere goats. August 8, 2019. (Photo: Celia Clarke/WSKG)

Lisa Ferguson owns Laughing Goat Fiber Farm, which is about four miles from downtown Ithaca. It is one of the farms participating in the Open Farm Days program.

If you plan to visit, she says it’s important to come dressed appropriately. She said don’t wear your nicest clothes.

“Closed-toed shoes”, she advised. “It’s a good idea to have some kind of sturdy shoe. Oh, yes!” Ferguson adds, “Please don’t bring your dog!”

Too often, Ferguson says dogs prey on goats.

The tours allow people to meet farmers and learn more about a farm’s everyday workings.

Her farm has a herd of over fifty angora and kashmir goats, alpacas and one sheep. Ferguson and her husband love having visitors. Ferguson said raising goats for fiber is different than other livestock farming.

“The difference here,” she said, “is the animals stay here for a very long time…they become like family.”

The farms are open to the public Saturday and Sunday afternoon.