Finger Lakes Legislator Says Amazon Would Love Upstate


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – Now that Amazon won’t build a new headquarters in Queens, some Finger Lakes legislators want the company to consider coming upstate. But, that likely won’t happen.

The deal promised to bring 25,000 jobs to the New York City but also required a $3 billion subsidy package.

Days before Amazon’s decision legislators from across the state said they would welcome Amazon, if the company decided to cancel its deal with New York City.

On Thursday, Amazon did just that.

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano represents parts of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier. He thinks the company should consider other parts of New York.

“Yes, come to the Finger Lakes,” Palmesano said. “Come to central New York or the Southern Tier. Come upstate. We need jobs upstate. You’ll be welcomed upstate. You won’t have local people saying ‘go away’.”

But he’s not optimistic. The company says it’s not looking for another site for it’s second headquarters.

“I think this goes to the heart of some of the policies of Governor Cuomo,” the Republican said, “and the business climate here in New York. If we were to address the business climate, the tax and regulatory climate in this state we wouldn’t have to have to try to provide those types of incentives. People would want to come her and locate here.”

Cuomo blames state senate Democrats for sabotaging the deal for personal political ambitions.