Fisher-Price Toys


In 1930 Helen Schelle, who operated the Penny Walker Toy Shop in downtown Binghamton, joined forces with with two other entrepreneurs and started making wooden toys for pre-school aged children.

They called it the Fisher-Price Toy Company and opened a manufacturing facility in East Aurora New York, outside Buffalo. In 1932, they introduced a delightful wind-up toy called “Puppy Back-up” which became an instant best seller. Many other hits would follow including the immensely popular “Snoopy Sniffer” pull toy in 1938.

By the early 1960s, Fisher-price toys where known worldwide especially their “Little people” line, which included one of the most popular toys in the entire industry, the “Safety School Bus”. Other play-sets where developed by fisher-price throughout the decade including the widely popular Family Farm and schoolhouse sets. Today generations of toddlers continue to be mesmerized with the durable and magical collection of little people, resurrected from the toy boxes of their parents past.