Fitches Covered Bridge


In 1870, James Frazier and James Warren built a covered bridge at Kingston Street in Delhi, spanning the West Branch Delaware River. Fifteen years later the bridge was moved three miles upstream to its current location in East Delhi, and “Kingston Bridge” became known as “Fitches Bridge”.

With an overall length of 106 feet, the one-lane covered bridge is constructed with a lattice truss design, incorporating diagonally placed planks held together with large wooden pegs, or treenails. Today, it is one of only ten covered bridges in the state utilizing this type of construction.

In 1999, the bridge was listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and has been extensively restored and rehabilitated twice, most recently in 2001. Today, Fitches Bridge holds the distinction of having served transportation needs continuously for over 140 years, all the while providing a picturesque setting for travelers, artists and photographers.

Spanning the river, and surrounded by mountains, the bridge forms a picture-postcard scene and is an iconic landmark of the Catskill Mountain region. One of four covered bridges in Delaware County, today Fitches Bridge serves as a covered Path Through History.

Photos Courtesy of:
Delaware County Historical Association