Freshman Democrat Brindisi Will Vote In Favor Of Impeachment


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — Southern Tier Congressman Anthony Brindisi will vote today for both articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Brindisi represents New York’s 22nd district, an area where Trump did very well in the 2016 election. For months the freshman Democrat was non-committal, but Brindisi released a statement Tuesday announcing his decision.

Phil Westcott / WSKG Public Media

Congressman Anthony Brindisi. (Phil Westcott/WSKG)

Speaking before his announcement, Brindisi says this is the hardest decision he’s made in his political career.

“Whether you are Democrat or Republican, we’re all Americans first and this is a very serious matter. I think everyone should not be quick to rush to judgement. Everyone should look at the evidence and make a decision based on their duty as an American.”

Brindisi believes there is sufficient evidence to move forward with a trial in the Senate. The full House votes today. Approval is assumed, and then the Senate will conduct its trial early next year.