G is for Graduation


It’s never too early to talk about the importance of education. As part of our local American Graduate project, we encourage all learners – even the youngest – to think about who or what champions them on the path to graduation!

This LittleLearnerthis to use at home, in a daycare setting, or in PreK/Kindergarten.  Ask guiding questions such as: “Going to school is important because…” and “These people believe in me…” to help you & your little one think more deeply about school and motivating factors.  Feel free to paraphrase: “Why do kids need to go to school?  How is it good for them?” and “Who thinks you are very special?”.

This activity works best when a grown-up talks one on one with a child and writes in their responses. Kids are encouraged to decorate the graduate to look like themselves!

Check out our ‘Raising Readers’ Pinterest board for lists of age-appropriate books about going to school and graduation.  These will pair well with the activity!

We also recommend these ‘Going to School‘ tips from PBS Parents especially these strategies to help you talk with your child about school.

A local Pre-K classroom, led by Mrs. Pamela Jones of the Chenango Valley School District, took time to try our Little Learners activity.  We just love the compilation of the student work!