Giuliani Plans to Ramp Up Gubernatorial Campaign After November Elections


NEW YORK NOW – Andrew Giuliani, a Republican candidate for governor in next year’s election, said Wednesday that he’s still confident in his chances to beat out other contenders for his party’s nomination, and plans to ramp up his campaign this November.

And if he wins that nomination, which is currently favored for Rep. Lee Zeldin from Long Island, Giuliani says he’s not worried about challenging a Democrat for the state’s top job.

Andrew Giuliani, Republican candidate for governor Credit: New York NOW

“You know, for us, obviously, now we’re focused on the 2021 races, trying to help as many people out on November 2 and getting over the finish line,” Giuliani said. “And then our race will really kick into gear on November 3.”

Giuliani is one of several Republicans seeking the party’s nomination for governor next year, when Gov. Kathy Hochul is expected to seek election to what would be her first full term as governor.

Zeldin is currently the favorite for the nomination among leaders from the Republican party; county chairs designated him as the presumptive nominee when they gathered in Albany in June.

Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is also seeking the nomination, as are several other Republicans who’ve said they’re planning to take it to a primary next year.

Regardless of who wins the nomination, the race for governor is favored toward the Democratic nominee; registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in New York by a 2-to-1 margin. That’s not counting the 3 million New Yorkers not registered with a party.

But Giuliani said Wednesday that he might have a leg up if he ends up being the party’s nominee, and competes against a Democrat who may not be able to earn statewide appeal.

“The truth is, we don’t even know we were gonna end up running against,” Giuliani said. “It could be Hochul, it could be somebody else … it’d be very, very nice to run against [New York City Mayor] Bill de Blasio.”

Hochul is the only Democrat who’s announced a run for governor next year, though other Democrats are considering a challenge to the Buffalo native.

Next year’s primary election is scheduled to be held in June, with the general election for governor to follow in November.