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Dear friends,

Happy holidays and thank you for your support in 2015. It was a great year thanks to you, our members.

Over the last year, we have been analyzing the different ways we communicate with our membership and audience. As part of that review, we looked at the effectiveness of Gamut. We’ve heard from you that the print is too small to read and there’s not enough information in the program listings. We’ve also seen a trend in members preferring Gamut via email. More than half of our members receive the program guide via email each month. In July’s Gamut, we asked you for your feedback – some direction in helping us figure out if you find Gamut useful, or what parts of Gamut you rely on most. Of the approximately 10,000 members we surveyed, five responded. Although the five members who responded liked having a print version, they also commented that they just couldn’t read most of it due to the small text and would enjoy more information, especially on primetime programs.

As a result of this review, we have decided to make a change and eliminate the print version of Gamut. We considered the increasing costs associated with postage and printing, the amount of paper being used, your feedback, and other options for communicating information to you. After considering all of this, it was clear that Gamut is not effective at communicating the breadth and depth of all of WSKG’s programs and is no longer a cost effective method of communication. Therefore, January’s Gamut will be the last printed guide mailed to your home, and the electronic version we link on this page will change. We are developing some new communications methods that we will discuss in the next, and final Gamut. A new customer service line and a member newsletter are a couple of things I can mention now. More to come in January.

I understand this change may be difficult for some of you, but I hope you will give our new options a chance to serve you. I truly believe we will be able to offer you a service that better connects you to what you love about WSKG.

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Brian Sickora
WSKG President & CEO
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4 thoughts on “Gamut program guide for December 2015

  1. I’m sorry I did not respond to the July feedback request. I would have said how much I enjoy Gamut every month. I like to hold it in my hand and mark the many programs I don’t want to miss. I keep it close by and check it regularly. I don’t want to check my computer for this (and I won’t) although I do occasionally check out WSKG online. In this unsure, ever changing world its nice to have these familiar habits that make life pleasant. These things are slowly being chipped away. And now another one is gone. Well, I’m sure this is too little, too late. But did you think of how many of the other 9,995 readers like myself, are satisfied? P.S. Gamut is the reason I add a few extra dollars to my contribution

    • Hi Debra. Thank you for your feedback; we appreciate hearing from our supporters. We’ve been working on this transition for the program guide for over a year, and we are aware of some people, like you, who will really miss Gamut. Donor satisfaction is certainly very important to us, and of the approximately 10,000 members we surveyed, five responded. In addition, over half of our current members have voluntarily opted out of receiving Gamut. Our CEO Brian Sickora has prioritized our organization’s resources for local programs and services, and we want to re-direct efforts previously spend on Gamut to serve the greater public via WSKG’s broadcast, web and personal service channels. We’ll be detailing our program guide alternatives in the January issue of Gamut, and welcome your feedback on those alternatives, as well. We hope you’ll give our suggestions a chance. We appreciate your patience as we work to be good stewards of the support entrusted to WSKG by our supporters.

  2. Like the five responders to your (not-well-publicized) feedback request, I too very much prefer a printed version. My primary complaint is that Gamut almost invariably arrived anywhere from 4-7 days into the month, and there is no reason that even if it is sent by bulk mail it could not be sent in time to arrive with the new month. In fact, the only reason I am now accessing it on line (and learning about the decision to stop its publication) is that, yes, once again, it is four days into the month and no Gamut has appeared in my mailbox. Like Debra, I don’t want to constantly check my computer for the schedule, and I won’t. I gather there will still be an electronic version to which I can link and which, I suppose, I will print out and put where Gamut used to be — although, ominously, the electronic version “will change.” Again as Debra says, now another little nicety of life is gone. I suspect there are a lot of readers who feel the same way, and regret having let slip the opportunity to weigh in, even though I also suspect that the demise of the printed Gamut was already a foregone conclusion.

    • Hi Diane. Thank you for your feedback; we appreciate hearing from our supporters. We’re sorry to hear that you did not find the feedback request well-publicized. It appeared on the back of our July issue, where we felt Gamut-readers most likely to see the request.

      While not a foregone conclusion, in addition to feedback we received in the survey, we have been carefully examining the resources required to supply Gamut for over a year. Our difficulty staffing the timely preparation of Gamut, which you point out, is one of the factors leading to the present decision. We’re working to find a more staff-efficient manner to communicate program information to you and our other supporters.

      Also, it comes down to a stewardship issue: we feel it’s not the best use of our contributors’ funds to spend over $50,000 in staff time and material costs each year delivering Gamut to a smaller and smaller number of contributors who ask for it. Our CEO’s analysis of resources and trends shows resources would be better spent delivering programs and services to you and our audience. We just can’t responsibly afford to spend our supporters’ money on Gamut any longer.

      We hope read the final Gamut issue in January for our complete suggestions for finding program information going forward, and thank you again for your feedback.

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