Printable Program Guides for July 2017


In early 2016, we stopped production and mailing of our Gamut program guide, preferring to put over $50,000 of annual resources directly into WSKG programs and services. For those who would prefer them, we provide these printable PDF guides.

Please click the title of the guide you wish to see.

Radio WSKG-WSQX Grid JULY 2017

condensed GUIDE-HD July 2017

condensed GUIDE-KIDS July 2017

condensed GUIDE-CREATE July 2017

condensed GUIDE-WORLD July 2017



Expanded GUIDE-HD July 2017

Expanded GUIDE-KIDS July 2017

Expanded GUIDE-CREATE July 2017

Expanded GUIDE-WORLD July 2017

2 thoughts on “Printable Program Guides for July 2017

  1. A longtime WSKG fan and contributor, I feel compelled to thank you for some of the remarkable programs I saw this past month. First of all, I so much appreciate the return of WSKG World, and relished programs like “The Story of China” which took me back to my month-long study tour of Northern China’s religious and cultural heritage.Similarly, I revisited Switzerland via the Glacier Express this weekend. “The Committee” was an excellent program that cast light on the terrible injustice meted out to GL(BTQ) students only a generation ago. It is a relief that this kind of persecution is on the decline (one hopes)!
    Being an insomniac, I often turn to WSKG – either World or Create in the wee hours (think 2-5 a.m. and later when I enjoy Lidia’s Kitchen or Pati’s Mexican cuisine, and so many other programs on homes and properties – This Old House, woodworking and garden shows.
    I am so grateful for WSKG, and speak often of the station, personnel, and excellent adult programming! My thanks!

    • Thank you so much Louise for the kind words! Everyone at WSKG appreciates all the many ways you support our mission in the community. –Greg Keeler

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