Help Available For Horses And Other Farm Animals During Frigid Weather


The Haven at Skanda in Cazenovia offers help to horse owners during frigid temperatures ELLEN ABBOTT / WRVO NEWS

SYRACUSE (WRVO) – One Central New York non-profit organization is concerned about how horses are faring during this cold snap.

Rescue horses munch on carrots in the huge barn that’s part of The Haven at Skanda, an organization in Cazanovia that cares for rescue horses and farm animals. Executive Director Ellen Beckerman says horses will need extra protection this winter.

“We’re concerned that this winter temperature-wise is much more challenging than last winter, for example, so then it can be difficult,” said Beckerman. “Horses that can do okay in a lean-to in an ordinary winter might not now be okay with that.”

Frigid temperatures can be dangerous for horses on a couple of fronts, according to Beckerman.

“If you don’t have heated water buckets or a very warm indoor space, the waters freeze and its very labor intensive to replenish them,” said Beckerman. “Also, horses really need blankets and sometimes double blanketing in this weather.”

Beckerman says horses do need to get outside, even during the cold weather. But they need food, water and a blanket if they are outside in these frigid temperatures. To avoid crisis situations that come from the cold, Skanda started an equine donation program called Horses for the Holidays, collecting items for horse owners who need them.

“We have heated water buckets that prevent water from freezing,” said Beckerman. “We have horse blankets, we have wormer, we have horse treats, grooming supplies. A whole lot of stuff. What we are really looking for now are those horse owners who are really struggling to keep their horses warm and safe and healthy in the winter.”

Skanda is accepting donations at locations throughout ten counties through February 1.