1810 Juliand House


Located just across the Chenango River in the picturesque Village of Greene is the Juliand House. Built in 1810 by French seaman Joseph Juliand, the 22-room house is an excellent example of early 19th century Federal style architecture.

There are many legends associated with the Juliand House. It is believed that during its early years Indians visited the house and spent nights in the center hall, and there is also some evidence that the house may have operated as a stop on the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800’s.

Two hundred years after it was built, the home was converted into a bed and breakfast, where visitors can now experience warm, cozy accommodations in a quiet, relaxed 19th century setting.

For over two centuries many important individuals have passed through this grand home, including French settlers, Native American Indians, fugitive slaves and abolitionists. Today, the 1810 Juliand House stands as a significant landmark in Chenango County and an important place for travelers to stop and rest on New York’s Path Through History.

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