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In 1791, the Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote the poem “flow gently, Sweet Afton” about a pastoral river in his native country. It was 1857 when the Village of South Bainbridge took its new name from that very poem.

Located half-way between Oneonta and Binghamton, the Susquehanna River flows gently by the Town of Afton. Settled in 1792, the area is rich in history. In 1827, the Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith and Emma Hale were married at the Tarble homestead, now known as the Mormon House.

Located on Main Street, the Afton Museum preserves and shares the history of this historic community. The museum, located in what was once a quaint house and barn, is now filled with exhibits focused on Native American Indian artifacts, Civil War items, farming equipment and much more. The museum also houses a number of artifacts associated with Joseph Smith, including a mantle piece from the old Mormon House.

Here in Afton, where the Susquehanna “flows gently” and local history comes alive is another important stop on New York’s Path Through History.

Photos Courtesy of:
Afton Museum
Chenango Arts Council
Chenango County Historian
Chenango County Historical Society

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