Binghamton Visitor Center


In the 1980s and 90s a movement began in New York to promote the unique heritage of the Empire State’s urban development. What began as a Cultural Park in Broome County has transformed into what is now the Susquehanna Heritage Area.

The core story told through the Susquehanna Heritage Area is that of rising industrialism in and immigration to the “Triple Cities” of Binghamton, Endicott, and Johnson City. The heart of the Heritage Area is the Binghamton Visitor Center located at Roberson Museum and Science Center. Opened in 1996, the Visitor Center tells the story of this area with both permanent and temporary exhibits. It also helps provide a geographical orientation to the communities, and offers an orientation program called Voices. Using local residents own stories, Voices shares the history of the valley of Opportunity and of local companies such as IBM and Endicott-Johnson.

The Binghamton Visitor Center in the Roberson Museum, another unique stop on New York’s Path Through History.

Photos Courtesy of:
The Broome County Historical Society



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