Devil's Elbow


West of Owego, old Route 17c rises to crest a large hill. For over two hundred years, this road has served as a vital artery of trade and travel. At the top of this hill, there was once a sharp curve in the road – known to locals as the Devil’s Elbow.

The Devil’s Elbow has been the site of a number of paranormal tales. From the time of horse drawn carriages to today, travelers along this highway have reported encounters with a phantom hitchhiker in white who seems to wander this section of road for eternity.

The Devil's Elbow in Owego, NY

The Devil’s Elbow in Owego, NY


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In this web exclusive clip, Thomas McEnteer discusses a prank from the 1950s, that helped solidify the myth of the lady in white at the Devil’s Elbow in Tioga County.

Photographs courtesy of the Tioga County Historical Society.