Glorious T Historic District


In the 1800s, the village of Montour Falls in Schuyler County grew in step with the burgeoning central New York area. At the corner of Main and Genesee Streets in the village stands the Glorious T, part of the Montour Falls Historic District.

At this intersection, a variety of architectural styles ranging from craftsman, Victorian and Greek revival can be found. There are over twenty significant structures from the mid to late nineteenth century, including the Sheriff’s Office, the Schuyler County Clerk’s Office, the Montour Falls Village Hall, the Memorial Library and the Ashton residence.

Laying in the shadow of the 156-foot Shequaga Falls, the beautiful buildings of the Glorious T give visitors a glimpse into the heritage that rests at the heart of this community and is another essential stop on New York’s Path Through History.

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