Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall

A photo of Hyde Hall at its peak

Hyde Hall, located near Cooperstown, NY, is considered one of the finest examples of a neoclassic country mansion in the United States. George Clarke (1768-1835), a prominent and wealthy landowner, modeled his home after the great estates of England. Construction began in 1817, and it took almost 17 years to complete the sprawling mansion complex.

Hyde Hall was home to five generations of the Clark family, however by the the mid-1900s, the mansion and outbuildings had fallen into disrepair. The Friends of Hyde Hall, now Hyde Hall Inc., formed in 1964 to help restore and preserve the house. Today, Hyde Hall serves as a museum and cultural center, and is listed as a National Historic Landmark.

There are several ghost stories associated with the mansion, and many individuals who have visited Hyde Hall have reported tales of the seemingly unexplainable for over a century.

The museum offers guided tours between May and October, and the mansion hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year.

A photo from inside Hyde Hall

Some claim that this photograph reveals spirits that haunt Hyde Hall, while others argue it’s the result of a clever camera trick.


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Photographs courtesy of Hyde Hall.