Narcissa Prentiss House


Between the months of July and August, in the town of Prattsburgh in Steuben County, travelers can visit this small but historically important home.

In 1808, Judge Stephen Prentiss and his wife welcomed their new daughter Narcissa into this very house. As a young child growing up during the Second Great Awakening, Narcissa showed an early interest in missionary work. In 1836, she married Dr. Marcus Whitman, and along with a group of others, the couple set off for what would become the state of Washington.

Narcissa was one of the first two European-American women to cross the Rockies. However, her work with the Cayuse and other Native American groups was short-lived. In 1847, disputes between the new settlers and native tribes culminated in a massacre that left Narcissa and 12 others dead.

Today, visitors to her native home can view artifacts from her family as well as other early settlers that help give travels a sense of this important story.

The Narcissa Prentiss House, in Prattsburgh, another unique stop on New York’s Path Through History.

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Narcissa Prentiss House