Norwich, NY | #tbt


Today’s throwback Thursday photograph is a shot of South Broad Street in Norwich, New York, circa 1900. Norwich is nestled in the Chenango River valley, and the first settlers arrived in the area during the late 1700s. In 1793, the town of Norwich was formed from parts of Union, in Broome County, and Jericho, now known as Bainbridge. Norwich became a city in 1914. Today, Norwich is home to a number of different attractions including the Northeast Classic Car Museum, the Chenango Arts Council, and the Chenango County Historical Society.

One of the more interesting elements of the photograph is the scene of the horse taking a drink of water from the fountain in the center of the street.

Chenango County Historical Society.

Here is the same area of Norwich today.

Google Maps

Google Maps


Main Image Credit: Chenango County Historical Society