3 thoughts on “‘Seasons at the Lake’ Explores the American Vacation Through Oquaga’s Resorts

  1. Our family had a home on Oquaga LAke for over 20 years, and now live in various parts of the USA. How can we get to see the documentary if we live in Atlanta, Phila, NYC, Cary, NC and other places? Sounds like a marvelous effort on your part.

    • Ms. Rosefsky,

      Thanks for asking. Our documentary “Seasons at the Lake” will be available on DVD on its premiere night, November 30th at 8pm. We’ll thank contributors at $60 or higher with a DVD copy of the program. Contributions may be made after November 30th to 1-877-975-9754, or at http://www.wskg.org.


      Greg Keeler

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