The Brick Tavern


Built in 1828, by William Brown, to accommodate the growing community of Montour Falls, Schuyler County’s first brick building served as both a tavern and stagecoach stop.

Over the course of two centuries, the Grey Brick tavern has served as a private school, a boarding house, and at one point was the residence of Dr. Charles Clawson who ran nearby Bethesda Sanitarium. Since 1974, the former tavern has served as home to the Schuyler County Historical Society’s museum and research center.

At Grey Brick Tavern, visitors can take a step back in time to the nineteenth century where period costumes, furniture and artifacts are mingled among historical materials to help researchers learn about the heritage of Schuyler County. A building that once served weary travelers of the past- now another important stop on New York’s Path Through History.

Photos Courtesy of:
Schuyler County Historical Society

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