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    • Ms. Corlett,

      WSKG is working with WLIW, Long Island, who has expressed possible interest in the film. Do you receive that station? In addition, a DVD of the program will be available during and after tomorrow night’s premiere broadcast… a thank you gift for contributors of $60 or more.

      Greg Keeler

    • Mr. Friedberg,

      WSKG is working with WLIW on Long Island, which has expressed possible interest in sharing the broadcast.

      Greg Keeler

    • Ms. McCorry,

      Once we premiere “The Gray Riders” tomorrow night, a DVD of the program will be available to those who contribute $60 or more to support WSKG’s programs. Contributions may be made by calling 1-877-975-9754 or http://www.wskg.org. The program will also be available to WSKG contributors at $60 or higher through the WSKG Passport online streaming service.

      Greg Keeler

    • Ms. Gleason,

      Thanks for asking. WSKG is working with all the New York State stations, and we hope WLIW will pick up the program for the many folks interested. As of this writing, they have not confirmed a broadcast.

      Greg Keeler

  1. We thought you were airing this movie now so that people could get a DVD, or book, in time for Christmas gifts. 6 – 8 week delivery sure knocks that off the table. If I ordered a DVD or a book from Amazon, and they told me 6 – 8 weeks delivery, I would ca

    • Mr. Yorks–

      Thanks for your message. The “6-8 weeks” delivery is our generic, standard response for our thank-you gifts. However, we have worked hard to be able to promise delivery before Christmas for our Gray Riders items, and we plan to keep that promise.

      Thanks for asking.

      Greg Keeler

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