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Honoring Education Through 'PBS Spotlight Education' Week

Spotlight Education is a week of primetime programming airing on WSKG from September 12, 2016 through September 17, 2016.. It features films and documentaries, including special episodes of NOVA, FRONTLINE and PBS NEWSHOUR, a new documentary from POV, and the premiere of TED TALKS, “The Education Revolution.” It concludes with the 5th annual AMERICAN GRADUATE DAY, a broadcast about individuals and non-profit organizations dedicated to helping youth stay on track to high school graduation.This collection features resources about intervention and success strategies, 21st Century learners, and examines how the dedication to teaching all children, especially at-risk students, makes a real difference in communities. New resources will be added to reflect the programming. Spotlight Education celebrates the work of teachers and educators and underscores the importance of convening a dialogue around education. 

POV: All the Difference airs September 12 at 10:00pmPOV: All the Difference weaves together the stories of two promising young men as they navigate their lives in low-income, high-risk communities in Chicago. The 90-minute film explores the factors in their lives that made all the difference – an example of prioritizing education as a tool to secure a place in the middle class.FRONTLINE: A Subprime Education / The Education of Omarina airs September 13 at 9:00pmFRONTLINE: A Subprime Education / The Education of Omarina dives deep into the most pressing issues in education by updating two films. “College, Inc.” investigates how Wall Street and a new breed of for-profit universities are transforming the college experience in America. “Omarina’s Story” chronicles the divergent fates of two twins from the Bronx and sheds light on America’s dropout crisis and the brutal inequities in American Education.TED Talks: Education Revolution airs September 13 at 10:00pmTED Talks: Education Revolution is hosted by writer/comedian Baratunde Thurston and actress/singer Sara Ramirez and includes short films, music, and inspiring speakers who are making a difference in our nation’s schools and universities.NOVA: School of the Future airs September 14 at 9:00pmNOVA: School of the Future a two-hour documentary, looks at the school of the future by exploring “learning science,” a complex and interdisciplinary new field that encompasses neuroscience, physiology, and the psychology of children.Craft in America: Teachers airs September 15 at 8:00pmCraft in America: Teachers begins its eighth season on PBS with a unique hour that celebrates teachers: craft artists renowned for their own artistic visions, and committed to passing on their skills and passion for craft to new generations of students and artists.Class of ’27: America Reframed airs September 15 at 10:30pmClass of ’27: America Reframed takes an in-depth look at the people who overcome considerable odds to bring early education to impoverished rural America. The film focuses on students, educators, parents, and guardians in three locations: Owsley County, KY, one of the poorest counties in the U.S.; farm workers following the growing season in the Western states; and White Earth Reservation, the largest Native American reservation in Minnesota.  Time for School airs September 15 at 9:00pmTime for School is a WNET/ITVS update of the award-winning documentary project that visited seven classrooms in seven countries around the world.  This 90-minute follow-up film will catch up with these children, who are now adults, to see how their lives have turned out.American Graduate Day 2016 airs September 17 at 2:00pmAmerican Graduate Day 2016 supported by CPB, is a live, four-hour multiplatform broadcast that focuses on organizations and individuals keeping kids on the path to graduation. The event explores the importance of mentorship through the critical themes of early education, more and better learning, special deeds, STEAM, dropout prevention and re-engagement, career readiness, and college completion. PBS NewsHour “Rethinking College” series airing as part of the daily broadcast September 12-16 at 7:00 pmPBS NewsHour will broadcast an entire week of original stories as part of their “Rethinking College” series, taking a critical look at how higher education is evolving to provide a better post-secondary learning experience, especially for people in underserved communities with underrepresented populations. The segments range from a closer look at the low college graduation rates among Latino males, to Second Chance Pell Grants for prisoners, and how Coding Bootcamps are challenging the traditional college degree model.https://youtu.be/VcqxgICrNAY