Jet Makes Emergency Landing In Rochester After Reported Bird Strike


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – An American Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing at the Rochester Airport on Thursday morning after an apparent bird strike.

The regional jet was operated for American Eagle by Envoy Air, and had 36 passengers and three crew members.

A spokesman for American, Ross Feinstein, says that the plane, which was headed for Boston, returned to the airport after a bird strike.

That was not confirmed by airport officials, but the pilot reported his plane hit a bird shortly after takeoff. The plane landed safely, there were no injuries.

After an inspection by the maintenance team, the flight took off later in the morning and landed in Boston later in the day.

Airport Interim Director Andy Moore says the Rochester Airport has had about 10 bird strikes reported so far this year, but the planes were all able to land safely.

He does say the county takes steps to try and reduce the number of bird strikes by doing things like eliminating habitat that would attract birds or other animals near the airport.