Juneteenth Resources for the Classroom


Each June the official end of slavery in the United States (1865) is commemorated and in 2021 Juneteenth became a federal holiday. Across the country, family and friends gather to celebrate and learn more about the history and experience of African Americans before and after slavery. Here are classroom resources to support a better understanding of Juneteenth.

Article | ‘How Juneteenth (and Other Celebrations) Can Be Meaningful for Your Family‘ by Lindsey Pruett-Hornbaker as featured on PBS Parents

Article | ‘Teaching Juneteenth’ by Coshandra Dillard for Learning for Justice

Lesson Plan & Videos | ‘Juneteenth‘ from PBS Newshour Classroom

Reading List | ‘Kids’ Books to Celebrate Juneteenth’ by Gwen Glazer, NY Public Library

Resource Compilation | ‘Teach Students About Juneteenth’ by Jennifer Snelling for ISTE

Resource Compilation | ‘Celebrate Juneteenth 2020’ from Teach for America

Video | ‘All About the Holidays: Juneteenth‘ from PBS LearningMedia

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