Annual Report + Local Content and Service Report to the Community 2014


Thanks to the hard work and contributions of countless volunteers, members, and community partners, 2014 was a memorable year at WSKG.

With consideration of input from our community and the changing landscape of communication and media, we made a few changes to the way WSKG operates and delivers content to our listeners and viewers.

The year 2014 marked a year of reorganizing with a focus on four areas of public interest – history, arts, news and youth. Our goal was to connect our listeners and viewers to national and local items of interest through both traditional and emerging digital delivery systems and, by doing so, make a positive impact on the community and your quality of life.

Thanks to your support, WSKG was also able to increase its service in new communities. Radio services were added in Roxbury, NY (WIOX), Odessa, NY (WINO), and Greene, NY (WSKG).

This annual report is a reflection of what we have achieved together, as a community that supports the mission of public media and WSKG. It provides highlights from our content areas, an overview of community impact and connections, and a summary of membership and our financial status.

Thank you so very much for generously supporting WSKG – your public media partner.

READ THE FULL REPORT: Local Content and Service Report to the Community 2014