Local Content and Services Report to the Community 2012


WSKG strives to be a trusted partner, enriching the lives of the children, families and communities we serve. We value diversity, creativity, integrity, courage, transparency, accountability, open mindedness and responsiveness.

These values are at the heart of what defines us as an organization serving our community since 1968. In 2013, WSKG provided these key local services: Arts & Culture programming that pays tribute to the talent of local artists in the Southern Tier of New York. Programs that offered a venue for individuals to gather and engage in civil dialogue about topics of interest in our communities.

Coverage of local news provided through a WSKGNews blog, the Innovation Trail Project, and the Marcellus Shale Resource Page.

Documentary films that chronicle the history of the communities we serve.

Community Engagement projects that helped build strong local communities by mobilizing public service media in support of effective civic action.

WSKG’s educational services, community engagement initiatives, TV, radio and website combined reach over 600,000 people living in a 21 county area, each year.

We maintain numerous partnerships with arts organizations, educational institutions, non-profit service organizations, and commercial media outlets to help us serve our community with a breadth and depth of services that allows for the most impact in the community.

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