Looking to Get Your Girls Engaged in Science?


Are you a Teacher, Scout or 4-H leader? Or a parent looking for ways to engage your tween girls in STEM activities? First, what is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, we can even incorporate the Arts and make it STEAM, which is how the world works in real life. Most things we use or see everyday fall into the STEAM category.  SciGirls focuses on engaging girls ages 8-12 in hands on, minds on activities and keeping them excited about STEAM.  Want to know how to leverage this with your girls?

Check out SciGirls Connect, a one stop shop website full of lesson plans, SciGirls TV show and suggested interactives. Season 3 of SciGirls is all about citizen science which can be done with almost any age and any location.

SciGirls buoyancy activity

Here is an activity on buoyancy and creating a Deep Sea Diver! 

Happy exploring!