Sneak peek at LUMA festival art installation: Inside Binghamton’s State Street parking garage


The "Horizon" installation beneath Binghamton's State Street parking garage is still in the process of being constructed. (Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo/WSKG)


Artists around Binghamton are putting the finishing touches on their installations for the annual LUMA festival. A series of projects will transform the city’s downtown, using projection, light and sound.

Most LUMA installations are free, but one project does require a ticket. It’s deep inside the parking garage on State Street.

The installation is called “Horizon” and a team of sound engineers, artists and computer scientists called Playmodes, have put it together.

Santi Vilanova from Barcelona is one of the artists in Playmodes, the team of computer scientists, musicians and sound engineers who designed the project.

Santi Vilanova, one of the artists who traveled from Barcelona to Binghamton to install “Horizon”. (Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo/WSKG)

“We love to immerse people into dreamlike experiences. This has no references to reality. This is very much a surrealist experience,” Vilanova said.

Lights and speakers line the walls on the bottom floor of the parking garage. They’re synchronized, and use sound and perspective to trick viewers into feeling a sense of vast space ahead of them.

The parking garage space is about 70 meters, or around 229 feet. But Vilanova said with the use of vanishing point perspective, it will feel and look over a mile long.

“We have lights on the walls of this space that are being sequenced through the screen, and when these lights arrive to the screen, they are transformed into pixels in the screen, and they follow their path until the infinity,” Vilanova said.

Tickets for “Horizon” can be bought on LUMA festival’s website. The festival runs Friday and Saturday evening throughout Downtown Binghamton.