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Mothers in STEM

Throughout the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, women with families work to balance the responsibilities of their career and their family.  Being a mother in STEM is no simple task.  It presents constant challenges regarding time management, stress, and overall energy.  Despite these adversities, mothers in STEM have continued to step up as leaders, innovators, and role models for their families and others.

This Mother’s Day, WSKG is celebrating the work of many women contributing to the progress of a variety of STEM fields.  In Women in STEM, we will showcase the work of a wonderful group of working women, both past and present.  Within this project, our featured women are a mixture of Mothers in STEM and Mothers of STEM.  These two divisions allow a deeper investigation of the contributions of women overall to these fields.  The women featured in the Mothers in STEM portion of the project all share in that they are raising or have raised children alongside their careers.  Branching off this, the Mothers of STEM component of this project will highlight past women who contributed great things to their fields.

Join us in honoring all women and mothers this Mother’s Day with our Mothers in STEM highlights, where we dive into the achievements of several women past and present.  Our lineup of stellar women working across fields in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics demonstrate the capabilities of working mothers.  You can follow the project on YouTube and on Instagram.

Produced by Julia Diana, Science Intern
Nancy Coddington, Director of Science  Content