Narcissus: An Ancient Roman Pantomime


WSKG Arts is proud to present Narcissus: An Ancient Roman Pantomime! This program is the culmination of a tremendous partnership between arts organizations from all across the state of New York. Featuring an original score composed by Binghamton native Santino DeAngelo, performances by members of the Tri-Cities Opera and original choreography performed by pantomime dancer Doug Baum, Narcissus is a truly unique viewing experience.

In addition to the three acts of performances, ‘Narcissus: An Ancient Roman Pantomime’ also features a behind the scenes look at the history of this long-forgotten art and how this complicated production came together. Sit back and return to the days of the Roman Coliseum with this special presentation from WSKG Arts!

Produced by: Alexandra Rangel, Santino DeAngelo and Susan Ashbaker