Nature Cat Special


Nature Cat is a new animated PBS KIDS series designed to encourage kids to explore and develop connections with the natural world.

With broad comedic appeal and a focus on natural sciences, the show follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors.  Once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, a “backyard explorer extraordinaire!” Nature Cat can’t wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions and bravery, but there’s one problem: he’s still a house cat with no instincts for nature!

Fortunately, Nature Cat’s animal friends are at his side to share in his deep love for Mother Nature, passion for exploring the great outdoors, and swashbuckling wanderlust of old-fashioned backyard adventure.

Target Age Group

Ages 3-8

Key Goals

  • Increase children’s understanding of age-appropriate concepts related to the natural world
  • Motivate children to observe, ask questions and investigate the natural world in their neighborhood and beyond
  • Provide meaningful ways for parents and teachers to help children learn about the natural world
  • Promote awareness of the need for environmental stewardship and conservation