New Seedless Concord Grape From Cornell Available This Fall


GENEVA, N.Y. (AP)  New York grape breeders have produced a fruit that’s so big and flavorful they’ve named it after Mount Everest.

Everest seedless in a research vineyard at Cornell AgriTech Credit Cornell

The Everest Seedless is a new variety developed at Cornell University’s agricultural research station in Geneva. Horticulture professor Bruce Reisch says the new fruit is a cold-tolerant, blue Concord-type grape with berries about twice the size of the traditional Concord.

While most American Concords are used for jam, juice or wine, the new one is intended as a table grape to be eaten fresh. It’s the first truly seedless Concord.

Everest Seedless is exclusively licensed to Double A Vineyards in Fredonia, and vines can be purchased from them this fall. Reisch predicts it will be popular with home gardeners as well as professional growers.