New Solar Tech Made Completely in the Southern Tier Will Save Energy, Costs For Industry


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – On Monday, NYSERDA, a New York State agency that works on energy research and development, announced a new tech product completely manufactured in the Southern Tier.

They’re made at Cameron Manufacturing and Design, a company out of Horseheads company and a Texas technology firm have created a new way to produce solar energy for industrial boilers.

Cameron employs about 230 people and expects to be hiring about twenty more over the next year, in part, because of this new project.

The solar arrays can reduce fuel costs by up to 80-percent. The first ones are going to a farm in Rensselaer County, in the capital region.

Arun Gupta is the founder of Skyven Technologies, the company that created the tech that goes into the arrays. He said they chose to manufacture in the U.S. because of costs and skills.

“It makes sense to manufacture here in the United States, and even here in the Southern Tier, for a few reasons,” Gupta explained. “One reason is shipping costs. The other thing is manufacturing expertise. The Southern Tier has tremendous manufacturing expertise in manufacturing. And that’s a big deal for us.”

The project got funding from 76West, a New York State contest that encourages new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.