New York Comptroller Report: State Gives More To Feds Than It Gets Back


ALBANY, NY (WSKG) – A report by the state Comptroller finds that New York ranks number one in being shortchanged in tax money from the federal government.

A report by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli finds New Yorkers gave $26.6 billion more dollars in tax money in 2018 to the federal government than they got back, ranking it 50th among the 50 states.

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli with reporter Karen DeWitt. Photo courtesy of State Comptroller Office.

“We are part of a very small number of states that are net donors to the federal government,” said Di Napoli who said New York’s congressional delegation should push the issue during budget negotiations.

“A little fairness would be nice,” said DiNapoli.

New York ranks number, one however, in the amount of money it draws in through the federal Medicaid program, that provides half of the funding for the government –run health care programs. . Despite that, the state is facing a $6 billion dollar budget deficit due to Medicaid cost overruns. DiNapoli says he’s looking to see how Governor Cuomo’s budget plan, due soon, will try to fix that.