New York Governor Threatens Loss Of Liquor Licenses


BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) – There have been 25,000 complaints statewide about large gatherings, a lack of social distancing and no face masks as New York continues to reopen from the coronavirus pandemic.

At his Sunday briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said many of the complaints involve bars and restaurants. He said that number of complaints is unprecedented.


“We have never received more complaints in a shorter period of time,” Cuomo said Sunday. “25,000 – just think about that. What’s alarming about the 25,000 is the volume, but it also shows how smart people are and how offended people are that they’re calling and complaining.”

Cuomo said bars and restaurants violating the reopening laws face loss of their liquor licenses. He also said local governments that fail to enforce the laws could see their regions closed once again.

The governor also announced that low-risk youth sports will be allowed to resume on July 6 in those areas of New York that have reached Phase Three of the re-opening process. Cuomo said the sports include baseball and softball, gymnastics, field hockey, cross country and crew.

“Young people can engage in sports,” he said. “Two spectators per child. So that’s another step towards return to normalcy.”

Cuomo said the number of deaths statewide dropped to 23 on Saturday, the lowest that number has been since the crisis began in March.