New York Grants Another Extension In The Ongoing Charter-Spectrum Negotiations


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – There are signs that state regulators and Charter Communications may be getting closer to an agreement that would keep that media company from being kicked out of New York State.

The NYS  Public Service Commission has granted another extension to Charter, which is the parent company of cable, internet and phone provider Spectrum, while the two sides continue their negotiations.

It is one of several extensions the PSC has granted, after it revoked approval of the merger between Charter and Time Warner Cable last July.  The commission has contended that Charter failed to deliver on benefits to state residents that were part of the merger deal, something that Charter disputes.

Last Friday, Charter requested another 14-day extension to file certain paperwork, which was granted by the PSC.  Charter says that the two sides have reached the point where they are now talking about a draft agreement.

The PSC has also granted an extension until May 17, for Charter to file a plan to exit operations from New York state if it ends up having to do that.

The commission granted the extension contingent on Charter Communications continuing to comply with PSC regulations and also not air misleading ads.