New York In Tie For The Lowest COVID-19 Infection Rate In The U.S.


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – Governor Andrew Cuomo says that New York state’s 7-day COVID-19 average positivity rate was at .42% as of Saturday, the lowest rate in the country, tied with Massachusetts.

Cuomo also announced on Sunday that the statewide single-day COVID-19 positivity rate stands at .35%, another record low for New York.

“New York’s COVID-19 numbers continue to hit record lows and New Yorkers are ready to return to normal, and that’s why we’re reducing restrictions and providing vaccination incentives across New York State,” Cuomo said. The governor said the state can, “move forward into a bright future together, but we need anyone who hasn’t gotten the vaccine yet to make an appointment or simply walk into a site today.”

The 7-day average positivity rate for the Finger Lakes also continues to drop. In the data reported on Sunday, it stands at .65%.  That is the 2nd highest infection rate, behind Central New York, which is at .68%, but all of the regions in the state are now well below 1%.

The percentage of all New Yorkers with at least one vaccine dose is 55.7%

The percentage of all New Yorkers with the completed vaccine series  is  49.1%

In the Finger Lakes region, the percentage of residents with at least one vaccine dose is 55.5%.

The percentage of residents in the area with the completed series is 50.5%