New York state prepares monkeypox vaccination clinics for high-risk residents


WXXI – New York state has received its share of the monkeypox vaccine. The federal government allocated 8,822 doses to be distributed among the affected state counties, monroe county included.

Monroe county department of public health said on Wednesday that they anticipate receiving 600 doses of the vaccine by the end of the week. Officials said they are in the process of setting up vaccination clinics to administer the vaccine as early as Monday.

This will be the first dose of a two dose vaccination series. Individuals will have to receive both shots to be fully protected.

When appointments become available, the county said eligibility will be limited to individuals in high-risk communities such as gay or bisexual men, transgender, gender non-conforming, or gender non-binary, or people who may have been exposed to the virus within the past 14 days. Officials added that vaccination is not recommend for those who have been diagnosed with the disease. These individuals will not be eligible for vaccination.

On Wednesday, July 13, the county reported its first case of the virus. At the time, officials said a handful of other cases were suspected but not yet confirmed.