New York’s Lt. Governor Promoting Progressive Agenda For 2019


BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) – The Cuomo Administration is touting one of the most progressive agenda’s in New York State history, 2019 Justice Agenda.  Governor Andrew Cuomo and Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul were sworn-in for a third term Tuesday night in New York City.


Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul appeared in our WBFO studio Wednesday to discuss the 2019 state agenda.

Lt. Governor Hochul says passing the Child Victims Act will be a ‘dramatic change’ for sexual abuse victims by extending the statute of limitations.

“This will be so dramatic for those individuals,” remarked Hochul.

Under the current law, a victim of child abuse must report it by their 23rd birthday. But Hochul said that is not realistic for many victims abused as children and teens.

“We are going to extend this to age 50 because states to it. It just has been absurd to think people are going to come forward,” Hochul explained.

Hochul referred to the priest sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, as an example of the many abused victims. Hochul, a Catholic, described it as “very painful” and how it has torn apart the diocese.

WBFO asked Hochul as a practicing Catholic, what would she like to see Bishop Richard Malone doe in 2019 to deal with the scandal, given he refuses to step down.

“I think he should leave, because I find it scandalous that there has been a cover up, again I don’t have the power to make that happen, but I think you need a clean house to restore the confidence and faith of the religious in this community,” replied Hochul.

On the topic of gun safety measure, Hochul explained how a “Red Flag” bill looks to add to the state’s Safe Act. She said it could prevent future school shootings.

“We’re simply saying when you have a red flag that says there is a student in high school or middle school, who is acting certain way or makes threats or a psychological evaluation – do they have access to guns at home,” Hochul explained. “It’s simply an enhancement on the safe act.


The Cuomo Administration is also making it a priority in this term to try and legalize recreational marijuana for adults. We asked her why it’s so important that New York legalize marijuana.

“We have to examine the fact that circumstances and times have changed. We are literally a state that will be surrounded by a country, Canada and other states, going down as far as the District of Columbia – where adult use of marijuana is legalized and that’s a reality we have to deal with,” Hochul stated.

Hohcul tells us she is convinced that with a shift to a new democratic majority in the state legislature, these items have a chance of being approved this year. The State Legislature begins its session on January 9th.