2 thoughts on “All Challengers For New York Governor (But Not The Incumbent) Attend Debate

  1. I heard this segment this evening on WSKG (during ATC).
    I wanted to go back and hear it again, or see a transcript.
    What I see here is just a brief summary, with none of the meat I was looking for.
    (I DO see some content here that I wasn’t aware of, and nice to know about.)

    Is it possible to hear or read the local segments aired during ATC on your web site?
    If so, I sure can’t find a way. Maybe I’m spoiled by always being able to find the NPR stories again. I love knowing I can do that – hear them later, share them, repeat them. But can I do that with stuff that originates with WSKG?

    • The short answer is: it depends. Some stories are available in full transcript form, while others are not. Some will have audio available to hear, while others will not. It all depends upon the source of the story.

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