Binghamton To Start Grocery Shuttle For Northside Residents


Since it's been difficult to attract a grocery store, the City of Binghamton is working on a few efforts to bring healthy food to north side residents. Last summer, they piloted a regular mobile food pantry.

Stacy Richards lives on Binghamton’s north side. She’s ecstatic about the shuttle service. No need to rely on the bus to get to the store anymore.

“No two bag rule, none of that. No standing in 90 degree heat. No standing in sub-zero temperatures. No hour-long bus rides and no $30 cab rides,” said Richards.

This part of the city’s lacked a grocery store for a couple of decades.

People in the city’s economic development office have tried to entice several grocers to move in.

The companies, however, said there aren’t enough people and that the residents who do live there don’t make enough money to guarantee a store will turn a profit.

Since a grocery store’s not coming in, Binghamton Mayor Rich David said they’ll take residents to where there is one.

“This is a starting point,” said David. “If this is what north side residents want, and are utilizing it, [we’ll] expand it.”

Some residents suggested adding more runs at the start of the month because that’s when people receive food stamps.

For now, it’ll go to Weis on Mondays and Price Chopper on Thursdays. It starts Monday, June 12. Richards said, she’ll be on it.

“I can’t wait. June 12, my butt will be right here and I’m going for a ride,” said Richards.

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