Bowling Alleys Open Today At 50% Capacity


BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) – Bowling alleys throughout New York State are allowed to reopen starting Monday, with strict safety protocols in place.

Bowling alleys will be able to operate at 50% maximum occupancy limit. Face coverings and social distancing will be required at all times, every other lane must be closed, patrons need to stay with the party at their assigned lane, thorough cleaning and disinfection of shared or rented equipment between each use will be required, and all food service must follow all state-issued guidance.


Due to restrictions on indoor dining, food and beverage service will not be allowed in New York City bowling alleys.

However, New York City museums and other low-risk cultural institutions can reopen starting Aug. 24, the governor announced. The institutions include museums, aquariums and other low-risk indoor cultural arts.

All institutions that reopen will be subject to state guidance, including safety protocols, 25% maximum occupancy, timed ticketing required with pre-set, staggered entry, strict enforcement of face coverings, social distancing, controlled traffic flow to avoid crowding and enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols.

“This pandemic is far from over, but we’ve determined that institutions can reopen if they adhere to strict state guidance and take every precaution to keep visitors safe, and I look forward to seeing them inspire New Yorkers once again,” the governor said.