Broome County Works To Release Some Jail Inmates At Higher-Risk Of COVID-19



CORNING, NY (WSKG) – Broome County officials have been working to release inmates from the Broome County Correctional Facility who are considered a high-risk for COVID-19.

Broome County Sheriff David Harder. (Gabe Altieri/WSKG)

The goal is to identify non-violent, low-level inmates for release from jail who are highly vulnerable to COVID-19.

“We worked with all the different parties, the district attorney’s office, probation, parole and the courts to see if we can come to a consensus,” said Mike Baker, Broome County Public Defender. “And we’ve been very successful in that.”

As of Friday afternoon, Baker said the group has been able to release approximately two dozen people from the jail.

The people that have been released are those who are at low-risk for repeat offenses, such as petty larceny or technical parole violations. They are released on amended plea offers or restored to parole and probation supervision.

Baker explained his team will continue to work to get other clients released using evidence of an underlying medical condition and proof of secured, stable housing.

There are 22 people with COVID-19 at the Broome County Jail according to undersheriff, Eric Janis. Eleven of the positive cases are inmates.